Fujitsu Ltd, a leading information and information technology company based in Japan, is all set to start the research and development of blockchain solutions in its newly constructed Blockchain Innovation Center in Belgium.

The Brussels based Blockchain Innovation Center will engage in the research and development of blockchain solutions to cater to the needs of all sectors including blockchain-based voting to the DLT (distributed ledger technology) based audits.

The head of Fujitsu Benelux, Mr. Yves de Beauregard said the interest for blockchain technology-based applications is on the rise and many areas using the DLT are still unexplored. It is time to explore a wide range of applications for blockchain based applications.

The current location is chosen considering the linguistic, political, geographical and technological advantages. The main aim of the new center is to collaborate with private and public sector banks to develop projects based on blockchain technology.

The new center of the Fujitsu is committed to embrace the distributed ledger technology or blockchain technology and revolutionize the way the enterprises, consumers sell, buy or exchange the services or goods. It will also utilize the new technology to transform operational and commercial models of the organizations. It will also use the blockchain technology for smart city projects. The new technology will also play a vital role in the automation of the processes.

Mr. Frederik De Breuck, Business Assurance/ presales Director of Fujitsu Benelux has said the urban population worldwide is expected to see a rapid increase in the foreseeable 30 years. It will create the demand for developing solutions, which will combine the architecture and infrastructure with ICT, to tackle the economic, social and environmental issues.

The new center in Belgium will continue to develop applications and solutions that have a potential to disrupt the services and industries. The company will concentrate on smart city projects that are already underway in Brussels as well as other Belgium cities. The innovative center will also collaborate with interested parties in European cities to fulfill the smart city ambitions.


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