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A conference held recently known as the token Summit II, spoke about the future of the world of cryptocurrency and how cohesion could help to proliferate it overall. The conference served as a hub for problem solving in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world that could potentially help to shape the world of crypto as we know it.

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Nancy Wojtas, a partner at Cooley stated that the looming government regulation could eventually help the industry on cryptocurrency. She stated that “people in the ICO space are myopically focused on the SEC. Although the SEC has already issued guidance and issued emergency action, there is an alphabet soup of other agencies that could issue further regulation. Federal and state regulatory agencies such as the DOJ could also intervene — which could involve prison time for breaking the law.”

She continued to state that the SEC may be leading the fight with other agencies waiting to pounce. Wojtas stated that “people are free to continue to do what we are doing.” What can we expect to take form all this information? Well, whether or not the government decides to begin regulating cryptocurrency on an extreme level, there is no clear answer as to what the future will look like.

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There are several scenarios with regulating the industry on cryptocurrency that would allow for regulatory schemes to use blockchain and tokenization in their fight against cryptocurrency. The fight against cryptocurrency will continue to happen so long as it is revolutionary for the world economy. As cryptocurrency continues to defy taxation and world borders, many governments will continue their fight to regulating it. The hopes are high that regulation can work side by side with the rest of the decentralized cryptocurrency world to make one big world economy that works for all.


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