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Some holiday shoppers may be eyeing the new Nintendo or the next pair of jeans to adorn their closets but savvy people are beginning to understand that there’s a real opportunity to get the gift that could keep on giving in 2018; bitcoin.

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The digital currency that Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan said is “a terrible store of value” is actually beginning to attract hundreds of more investors who are intrigued by both the mix of great risk and great reward. This is after seeing the coin soar roughly one thousand seven hundred percent this year alone.

Your grandparents probably remember giving the gift of a savings bond or even some stock for that “one gift to cash in when you go to college”. But now that cryptocurrencies have taken center stage, the longevity of these digital assets might not be the biggest question to be asking.

So how can you buy bitcoin? Look we get it. This is uncharted waters for many of you and especially those of you who have always followed the simple model of investing in stocks. But for bitcoin, this could be a huge gamble that could pay off to unlimited amounts in the future or be completely worthless. Either way, the volatility is grabbing major attention.

Anyone can get in on the action by taking their money and putting it into a “wallet” site such as coinbase. Though some of these sites may limit you to the type of cryptocurrency you can actually purchase. We noticed that Coinbase limits to bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. After signing up, you’ll need to verify your information with things like banking info and personal identification. On of the downfalls is that it could take up to 3 days for bitcoin to hit your account. Other currencies like litecoin could take as much as 10.

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Outside of Coinbase, you could buy bitcoin at a bitcoin ATM. Just put your cold, hard cash in the slot and get bitcoin at the machines. Sure, you’ll pay a large fee but now you’ve got your bitcoin! No matter where you get your bitcoin, you’ll need to protect your assets. We’ve heard horror stories about bitcoin sites that have gotten hacked and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoin vanish into the dark abyss of the internet.

One of the worst things to do is to send bitcoin through email. Most of the time, email is easily accessible to hackers and could open a gateway to even more risk in the future. Best bet you could do? Give a paper voucher. That’s right. You can print a piece of paper that has the public and private keys to correspond with a wallet, online. Places like have a paper wallet tool and will generate a wallet for you to send your funds. Just remember not to lose the paper before you gift your coins.

Outside of this, there are things like “hard wallets” which physically house your bitcoins (think of something like an external hard drive) and you can wrap it with a bow for your gift giving pleasures right on time for the holiday season to begin.

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