On Wednesday las week a well-known social media platform that is google issued a statement that I was on the verge of implementing an order to verify the ban on the advertisement of the cryptocurrencies and the others related to it.

The ban is expected to begin to take effect by the stat of the month of June so that the operations can continue. In the new policy will put on hold all the activities that have not follow the right path in the dealing of their operations that is the unregulated and speculative products concerning financial progress that include cryptocurrency, binary options and spread for financial betting among others.

But from a different blog post, the platform said that it will put into book 3.2 billion ads that have been discovered to be violating the advertising laws during the year 2012 .this number is said to double the number that had earlier been mined in 2016.

This means that the company will start a crackdown on the mostly operating companies that have not met the requirements of the platform has put in place and for that reason the platform that is google must act accordingly.

The company has also decided to make some improvements all over the web in order to bring into book a more experience by the users any moment they are using the platform.it has also said that it does not care whether the company is taking away those ads which are harmful ,the experience will still be their main priority.

A statement that had been issued earlier January ,a more related platform that is Facebook had given a statement on the banning of the ads used to promote financially related products and services put together in cryptocurrencies together with the initial offerings in coin form.

The implementation of the policy will take place across all the related platforms putting in place also Instagram, Facebook and Audience network this according to the company. This make it easier for the operations to go on unsuspected and that the business will achieve its goals. Related product will also be affected in the process.


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