GxCoin ICO initial coin offering

GXCoin: The Future Of Venture Capital?

“What is abundantly clear is that business large and small all around the world can improve and grow from the introduction of new technology and ideas GXCoin and Genevieve will be one of them – a winning proposition for a rapidly changing marketplace, and for a better tomorrow,” says ICOAlert.

Essentially, the GxCoin is designed to be a VC fund for the people. Using cryptocurrency gives us an advantage over traditional and heavily-regulated VC Funds.

Genevieve Company LLC, the company who introduced the cryptocurrency, says, “In our continued commitment to offer our clients the newest technology and highest yield investments, Genevieve is pleased to announce our upcoming ICO. Gx Coin will represent a new opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency that is backed by venture investments in real businesses. Each token represents ownership of a fund that is buying into local economies around the world in the form of business financing.

Genevieve partners have managed venture capital operations for more than 26 companies ranging from small businesses to publicly-traded corporations spanning 12 countries and 4 continents. Genevieve has issued and pre-launched its cryptocurrency GxCoin, geared toward small businesses and their communities.

According to the company, GxCoin bridges the gap between complex cryptocurrency systems and small business owners interested in using FinTech to increase funding, accept new forms of payment, expand their customer base while avoiding lengthy transaction processes, fees, interest, and commissions associated with traditional banking and payment systems.


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