Cryptocurrency trading requires the traders to invest not only his coins but also his time. Taking the right decision to reap rewards from this volatile platform is not easy and is only possible if the users have a clear-cut understanding of numerous things including multiple exchanges, ICOs, airdrops, arbitrage, and more.

ITF Trading Bot Provides Immediate Notifications To Traders

So to become successful as a crypto trader, a user has to manage constant information overflow. For that, the best solution is to take help of highly intelligent algorithms that provide the human traders appropriate information so that they can take the right decision at any instance. And one such solution has been developed by the Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF). It has built a cryptocurrency trading bot for Telegram that will streamline the data analysis process and will help the traders get the notifications immediately whenever there are any changes in the crypto markets.

This time-saving technology has been there for some time. But until now only beta testers could access it. However, at the start of this month ITF moved Telegram Bot out of the beta officially and now it has become available to all the traders with all skill levels.

ITF’s Proprietary Alerts Combines SMA & RSI

In fact, the Intelligent Trading Bots for Telegram are of two types. The primary Telegram Bot from ITF sends the Ichimoku Cloud Breakout Signals and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to the traders. Then it sends another proprietary alert which is a combination of RSI and Simple Moving Average (SMA) signals.

The traders will have to first customize their preferred risk level (high, medium, or low) based on the brief information provided by the Intelligent Trading Infobot about a specific digital currency. Then, they can select their combination out of any 265+ coins, and 442 trading pairs listed on any of the given exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex. It is the important part of the overall process. Once the setup is done, the Bot from ITF will start monitoring the real-time data points and identify opportunities with the help of machine learning algorithms. The Bot will analyze the opportunities and real-time data technically and then send actionable alerts to the users so that they can take a decision.


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