cryptocurrency legit

One entrepreneur in the tech world has recently come forward explaining how he is helping to legitimize a market that is often thought of as illegitimate.

Entrepreneur Rick Marini has stated that an increasing number of investors are attempting to get into the cryptocurrency market due to its high upside potential. Given that it is extremely volatile, it can sometimes be a difficult market to invest in, but as it becomes more legitimate, more investors are choosing to get involved.

Marini began a first-of-its-kind fund known as Protocol Ventures that strictly deals with cryptocurrency. Instead of the user having to delve through pages of market research and information, they can now put their money into a fund that invests it in a broad sense similar to that of ETF’s and mutual funds. Marini has stated that he has hopes to grow the fund to around $100 million, but only time will tell.

A representative recently stated that in regard to his consumer base he would like to have “Family offices, institutions, and [high net worth] individuals want exposure to this space, but are unsure of how to pick the right fund managers to back,” Neural Capital managing partner Christopher Keshian told Axios. MetaStable Capital’s Josh Seims, on the other hand, is more cautious and says that it’s too early to have an opinion on funds like Protocol Ventures. “In general, we prefer direct relationships with principals, but fund of funds allow better scaling,” he adds.

The hopes are high that the world of investing in cryptocurrency will become more stable as time goes on. With news affecting the market in a large way due to speculation, some see it as a wild and crazy place to get involved in. As companies like Marini’s begin to pop up, the market on cryptocurrency will only continue to grow.



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