Investors Are Shocked To Find The Truth Behind This Technology!


As I’m sure you already know, blockchain technology is one of the fastest rising stars of the technology sector right now but all of the “gurus” and “thought leaders” that seem to have appeared overnight aren’t telling you the truth! Right now, smart investors are starting to find out about this game-changing tech that could actually end up shifting countless industries in the very near future.

There is not one new technology that can hold a candle to the popularity of blockchain technology but when investors find the real truth behind this technology, they’re shocked. Blockchain will change the world and what investors are so taken aback by is the growing opportunity that this technology holds.Bank building

Big banks, massive conglomerates, hedge funds, governments, and even law enforcement agencies are beginning to adopt this technology in a major way. Some say that the companies at the leading edge of the blockchain technology boom could be compared to Google at the trailhead of what we know today as a search engine.

Where blockchain technology had its early applications in crypotucrrency transactions, today it is far more dynamic and offers investors a serious opportunity at a tech boom that could be far greater than the creation of the internet.

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) has developed a technology to give financial services, law enforcement, and even governments the leg up on cyber-criminal activity but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, that same small group of smart investors I was talking about earlier are focusing their attention on this company for its blockchain technology suite that could spur a true paradigm shift all together.

Since blockchain is a new form of “database” that cannot be adjusted, it enables transactions and the exchange of value without an intermediary. Security however has become a multi-layered problem. Bitcoin’s blockchain network itself has a level of inherent redundancy that provides a certain level of resiliency against cyberattacks. But the built-in framework alone isn’t enough as we’ve already seen from countless hacks and scores of breaches over the last 18 months.

Blockchain Technology Cannot Be Ignored Any Longer

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) is working to provide the right set of tools to meet the regulatory requirements for things like anti-money laundering, office of foreign asset control and identity verification; something that has hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on it right now! Supply chain management has also become a key driver for the application of blockchain technology

Walmart (WMT) is among the growing list of leading corporations implementing blockchain solutions to improve their business. The retailer announced that it would use blockchain to track its data about the origin, safety and authenticity of the food it sells.

walmart-groceryWhat that means is that, in the case of food-borne disease (the fear prompted by “Mad ow” disease and Bird Flu), retailers like Walmart will be able to determine in just a few mouse clicks whether food packages come from the same damaged lot. Epidemics can be averted. In the past it would take weeks or months to track all of this.

In line with this, blockchain technology could grow to become a huge asset for predictive analytics as well. Big investors spend enormous amounts of money to predict financial trends, and consequently have better yields than the average investor.

Predictive analytics through use of blockchain technology could allow the average investor to compete with the big investors on a more even playing field. Real time search and data analytics to quickly and securely analyze information is the difference between turning a real profit or taking a big loss and BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) has focused on addressing this new opportunity.

In a sense, this would be similar to what Google did for access to information online: turning it from an expensive ordeal that requires professional teams into something anyone can do at a very low cost. Small investors would still have to be responsible for their decisions, but they would be given affordable access to technology that is currently limited exclusively to the pros.

The key for blockchain is that it can allow accurate and reliable records in domains where all stakeholders have different goals and agendas. This includes having good records even when there are fraudsters in the mix. 

There’s Blockchain & Then There’s Blockchain 2.0

Blockchain technology itself is far more complex than simply tracking digital currency transactions. The tech certainly got its start with the popularity growth of things like bitcoin but the blockchain technology of today has greatly evolved. With this, there is a new set of inherent risks.

According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of the world’s GDP will be on Blockchain related technologies by 2025. Reliable security software for transactions on the blockchain is a real issue right now that BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) is addressing.

The company has developed three powerful products to date that include BitRank, QLUE, and BlockBits. These alone could change the face of how businesses secure and analyze Big Data and information. (Qualitative Law Enforcement Unified Edge)


This is a full suite of cutting-edge tools that enable end-to-end Cryptocurrency Forensics Investigations. QLUE aids in the fight against financial crime involving Bitcoin, and in the future, other cryptocurrencies. When you talk about “follow the money,” QLUE can already see the trail of breadcrumbs left behind in real time that ultimately results in agencies finding criminals before they disappear into the encoded abyss of the internet.

“BitRank Verified”

This is a proprietary “risk-scoring” product that guides users and addresses the risks of bitrankaccepting a particular digital transaction. It may seem like a simple idea but the wild west of digital transactions has no regulations. A first to market approach is at the forefront of the BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) model. Just like individuals have a credit score to use when determining the risk of a given transaction, Blockchain Intelligence will now make it possible to “see” the type of entity they’re going to do business with. High risk “sellers” will be known from the beginning instead of finding out after a potentially fraudulent transaction takes place.

blockbitsA true gamechanger in blockchain technology that only some of the largest companies are beginning to investigate right now. Blockbits allows for real-time search and data analytics for companies. This product allows clients to quickly and securely verify critical business information in near real time. Rapid access to data is key especially when it comes down to time sensitive decisions or potential threats.

On The Verge Of Mass Market Adoption

There’s no doubt that blockchain technology will have an impact on how business is conducted and Blockchain Intelligence Group’s technology is already in the pilot stages. That means it is growing at the exact same time that blockchain technology is beginning to roll out to the masses & early adopters are sure to take notice.

mass market adoption

Homeland security agencies, treasury departments, major banks and the like are all looking for solutions that BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) is bringing to market right now.. The company is also targeting Fortune 1000 companies as we speak.

“I think the digital transformation is the underlying motivation for hackers … So expect the frequency, the size, the volume of hacks to continue to increase in 2018.” – A10 Networks’ founder and CEO Lee Chen explained,

The crazy part is that just because the blockchain is an open ledger, serious risks are at play and hundreds of millions of dollars are vanishing into thin air. A true security system has not been implemented in order to prevent things like the recent Coincheck hack that saw half a billion dollars worth of digital assets disappear from accounts on the platform.

hackerIt’s an expensive reminder that like many things in the cryptocurrency world, security technologies—and the norms, best practices, and rules for using them—are still emerging. Not least because of its enormous size, the Coincheck hack could go down as a seminal moment in that process.

Some say blockchains can revolutionize how we track a host of assets beyond just money, like land titles. Such a system might look different from the blockchain networks running today’s cryptocurrencies, but it would still rely on cryptographic keys that could fall into the wrong hands. The techniques and processes we adopt for securing them will be crucial for keeping hackers from running off with land that isn’t theirs.

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG)’s QLUE could swiftly track down something like this to potentially find the missing assets but also help build a framework that could prevent future attacks.

A Value Proposition Like Nothing Seen Before?

This could be just the beginning for BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) and timing could be almost perfect right now. The US government has reacted more favorably where blockchain technology has taken center stage.

robert herjavec blockchain

The initial hype may have been around crypotucurrencies and brought major attention to the industry. But big hitters like investment banker Jamie Dimon and Shark Tank Investor Robert Herjavec are strongly behind blockchain technology as becoming the real driving force for this market boom:

“It’s going to have massive benefits for humanity, in all kinds of transactions including cybersecurity.” – Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank.

“The Blockchain is a good technology, we actually use it, and it would be useful for a lot of things….JP Morgan moves $6 trillion around the world every day. We don’t do it in cash. It’s done digitally.” – Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan.

Even Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM explained how blockchain could do for transactions what the internet did for communications. BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) is well-positioned to add big value to an even bigger opportunity that blockchain technology presents right now.

Industry Tested Technology To Take Blockchain To The Next Level

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) has built core relationships with several organizations that will advance the exposure and efficacy of its technology portfolio:

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. Enters Into Reseller Agreement with Risk and Credit Management Leader SHS VIVEON AG, for BIG’s Cryptocurrency Transaction Risk-Scoring Service: BitRank Verified™

SHS VIVEON AG will resell the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency risk-scoring technology: BitRank Verified™. SHS VIVEON’s software solutions that will be integrated with BIG’s BitRank VerifiedTM service includes:

  • DebiTEX (credit management)
  • GUARDEAN RiskSuite (risk management)
  • proofitBOX (payment method control in e-commerce)

With BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG)’s proprietary technology integrated into SHS VIVEON’s platform, BitRank VerifiedTM will:

  • Deliver transparency regarding the source, legitimacy and risk of transactions
  • Support SHS VIVEON’s efforts to comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) standards
  • Provide SHS VIVEON’s users with confidence that transactions are not involved with or implicated in criminal activities

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. Engages ATB Financial Services in Pilot Project for Risk Assessment & Compliance of Crypto-Mining Client Activity

ATB Financial (ATB) in a pilot project designed to explore and identify opportunities around risk assessment and compliance related to crypto-mining client activity.

With assets of $50.7 billion, ATB Financial is Alberta’s largest home-grown financial institution. Established in 1938, ATB is a network of 175 branches, 142 agencies, a Customer Care Centre, three Entrepreneur Centres, along with mobile and online banking. ATB’s more than 5,000 team members help more than 740,000 customers in 247 Alberta communities.

The pilot project will enable ATB Financial to evaluate firsthand BIG’s proprietary cryptocurrency verification product, BitRank VerifiedTM, and the Company’s blockchain investigation security platform, QLUETM.

ATB Financial will utilize BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG)’s comprehensive suite of security and forensics tools for evaluating the operations of Crypto-mining companies and assessing the risk management and compliance obligations in order to understand how they can support crypto-mining businesses in terms of providing banking services, consistent with their mission to support Alberta entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Big Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG)’s has been “battle tested” with live forensic investigations. Most recently the company was contracted by Swiss-based Envion AG to conduct a revenue-generating forensic cryptocurrency investigation into the issuance of certain unauthorized EVN tokens related to Envion’s $100-million ICO. The Company was engaged for its expertise in analyzing Ethereum blockchain transactions.

Potential For Profit Is Clear

And where other companies that solely focused on things like mining or hedging faired well during the earlier stages of this boom, blockchain technology companies and related “pick and shovel” businesses like Blockchain Intelligence Group could quickly begin to thrive during the second wave for this market.

Nonetheless you have companies like:

Bitcoin Investment Trust [GBTC];

HIVE Blockchain [HIVE];

MGT Capital Investments [MGTI]; and

Digital Power Corporation [DPW],

…hugely benefiting from this industry boom. Early investors had an opportunity to see some of these stock soar to highs in the hundreds and even thousands of percentage points within months (not years).

As attention shifts from simple cryptocurrencies to what thought leaders like Dimon and Herjavec are calling a game changer for humanity, investors need to shift focus to what’s coming next: blockchain technology and what secures it.

The International Securities Association said that 55% of companies polled are monitoring, researching, or developing solutions on top of blockchain.

Big banks are even starting to adopt this technology, which will bring a massive spotlight on companies that are getting in on the ground floor. JPMorgan Chase said that it is launching a blockchain-based system with two other banks to reduce global payment transaction speeds “from weeks to hours.” Despite his stance on cryptocurrency, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon said he sees potential in blockchain!

Since June 2014, the 10 largest US banks by assets have participated in 9 rounds totaling $267M in disclosed funding to 6 blockchain companies.

blockchain companies

The European Commission has been funding blockchain projects through the European Union’s research programs FP7 and Horizon 2020 since 2013. Up to 2020, it will fund projects that could draw on blockchain technologies for up to €340 million. And additional reports showcase further venture investment in blockchain technology itself for the near & midterm time frames.

What’s more is that the list of big, public companies funding blockchain startups is also long: Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google, Citigroup (C), Goldman Sachs (GS), Cisco Systems (CSCO), Microsoft (MSFT), IBM (IBM), Oracle (ORCL), Intel (INTC) and Accenture (ACN) are just a few. And with that investment will also come the proper tools to handle things like security, predictive analytics, and risk management; all things that BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) could offer as a pure play in the industry.

One Of The Biggest Companies In The Market 

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) has been included in the CSE25 Index after qualifying as one of the 25 largest companies by market capitalization in the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange) Composite Index.

The CSE announced the introduction of the CSE25 Index on September 18, 2017. The CSE25 Index, comprised of the securities of the 25 largest companies trading on the exchange, is a subgroup of the CSE Composite Index. The Composite Index launched in 2015, and includes almost half the CSE-listed companies while covering over 75% of the trading activity on the exchange.

According to the CSE, the 25 companies in the CSE25 Index account for over 50% of the weighting in the larger index, and are typically stocks that attract considerable trading volume.

“As the leaders in monitoring and tracking cryptocurrency, we’re proud to also be recognized as leaders on the Canadian Securities Exchange through our inclusion in the CSE25 Index. Being among the top 25 performers on the exchange is confirmation of our growing momentum as we continue to establish our presence in the law enforcement, finance and eCommerce sectors as the leader in Blockchain technology search and data analytics solutions.”

Lance MorginnLance Morginn, CEO of BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG)

But don’t just limit BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group solely to technology alone. Here’s what we mean: Unlike many of the other companies out there that have seemed to have simply “set up shop” to mine cryptocurrencies, for instance, BIG Blockchain Intelligence has broadened its geographic footprint. And where they’ve just expanded could set the company up for something BIG in the near term.

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) has established a strategic operational presence in Washington, D.C., in close proximity to key federal departments and agencies, and incorporated a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary. This could set the stage for the company to foster further inroads to top industry decision makers and regulatory bodies.

 “Having developed key government and compliance relationships during my time with Homeland Security, I can’t overstress how vital it is to be in the right place at the right time, and this office represents both, especially in light of the rapid emergence and adoption of digital currency use worldwide.” 

Robert WhitakerRobert Whitaker, BIG’s Director of Forensics and Investigations, and Former Department of U.S. Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Illicit Finance & Proceeds of Crime Unit, Supervisory Special Agent

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG)’s launch of its Forensic Services Division has been designed to play a key role for financial and law enforcement organizations. Certain investigations require in-depth expertise and experience, which the Forensic Services Division provides, either in conjunction with or supplemental to BIG’s user-friendly search, risk-scoring and data analytics tools: BitRank VerifiedTM and QLUETM. The Forensic Services Division creates a “paper trail” or cyber trail by gathering evidence, tracking the movement of funds, engaging in transaction risk assessment, and ultimately connecting criminals with their crimes.

How Much Longer Will You Wait?

There are hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into blockchain technology right now and it isn’t by a select few or highly speculative investors. We’re seeing some of the biggest leaders in technology and banking hit pause on other tech in order to build whatever foothold is possible. Fintech, exchanges, e-commerce, and retailers have a real need to make quick, accurate decisions that the BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) can address.

Where early adopters focused on short term potential from digital currency, the long term vision is becoming more clear and that has a lot to do with blockchain’s adoption into every industry you can think of. An entirely new ecosystem is being created right in front of our eyes and right now BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, CSE:BIGG) could become the leader to emerge in this space.

If some of the foremost investment minds are taking a firm stance and making strategic investments into this technology, how much longer can people wait before this sector (and the stocks trading within it) goes from a few early investors and turns into the next major market boom of 2018?


Disclaimer: Midam Ventures which owns, has been compensated $500,000.00 by BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group, Inc. for a period beginning May 29, 2018 and ending July 29, 2018, to publicly disseminate information about (BBKCF) / (BIGG). We may buy or sell additional shares of (BBKCF) / (BIGG) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. We own zero shares. Please Read Our Full Disclaimer Here


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