Jet8, the engagement visionary has recognized the potential of influencer marketing and has decided to come up with a model based on it. Similarly, the mobile influencer platform is also going to launch blockchain-based token called J8T.

It is a common fact that photos that are snapped by a group of friends on a beach or in a party holding a particular brand of soft drink and published online through social media networks like Instagram or Facebook can indirectly influence the millennial tagged in the image. Such people feel like buying the soft drink when they are picking up groceries thereby making the value of the image tangible.

Almost all the big brands are on the lookout for such type of advertising which is simply priceless because the sales stemming from it are organic and unintentional and require very little marketing efforts. Many brands have been lately trying to encourage their customers to become a brand advocate. However, not all efforts have been met with success.

And this is exactly where the Jet8 intends to work upon as it has recognized in blockchain the ability to unlock better and more sustainable models. Importantly the company has already started implementing it to its successful marketing platform.

Jet8 To Launch Blockchain-Based Token To Make Its Platform More Accessible

Jet8 is all set to take the company to the public through an initial coin offering (ICO). According to the company, offering of the blockchain-based token is a part of its strategy to make its platform more accessible to the global users, especially outside its current operational markets of South Africa and Southeast Asia.

This platform will connect influencers, brands, and consumers by tracking content that has managed to influence a sale, link social analytics to a digital token system. It will also help the micro influencers to earn a decent amount from brands. In its official statement, Jet8 stated that it has already worked on this model for big brands such as Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola, Avon, Danone, P& G, Friesland Campina, Indofoods, Unilever, and Heinz Group.


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