With over 810,000 direct followers is now selling cryptocurrency promotional services at $105,000 for every tweet. John McAfee is back again with his usual antics in the digital currency space, this time round with the establishment of the McAfee Crypto Team. The team, which is mainly engaged in promotion of cryptocurrency, is seeking to monetize John McAfee’s Twitter influence and following in the cryprocurrency industry.

John McAfee is a famous British-American computer programmer and businessman and the founder of the software company McAfee and Associates. His company developed the first commercial antivirus software and finally a complete package of enterprise security software under the name of McAfee.

Many of his Twitter feed have tons of Tweets about Bitcoin predictions, crypto exchanges, altcoins and overall marketing and promotional material. The issue is that up to now, he is yet to publicly reveal his affiliation with many of the ‘pump’ tweets and whether he gets any payments from Tweeting positive news about certain coins. This has led to certain cryptocurrencies reaping in millions of dollars which many have termed as short term ‘pumps, just mainly based on his following and influence and reach into the crypto world.

John McAfee is famous for promoting, shilling as well as making obscure cryptocurrency predictions. He has had a significant following and influence in the past discussing or promoting specific coins on his Twitter handle. Some have even recorded massive short term gains.

A good example is SAFEX, which rose 92% just few hours after McAfee’s tweet in December 2017. Additionally in late December, McAfee ran a promotional tweet about BURST, which later recorded a 350% gain.

By any means, the website is not conservative. The website very egocentric and is just another way to enable McAfee to monetize his following and influence. The website does not mention any form of vetting a blockchain or an ICO project for scams or fakes prior to social media promotions. Additionally, the team heavily focuses on McAfee’s reach on social media to justify the $105,000 as a very cheap marketing expense as compared to other marketing alternatives.


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