MMA fighter tweeted out a video on Saturday of himself working out in a Bitcoin T-shirt. The 30-minute video has since raised lots of speculation of Bitcoin cash sponsoring him.

The French-Canadian fighter is said to have been introduced to cryptocurrency by his former coach. Since being acquainted, he has been a big fan of cryptocurrency and even has an ongoing sponsorship deal with Dash.

If his recent statement is anything to go by, he seems to be positive about sponsorship. He recently stated that cryptocurrency gives him and other fighters the opportunity to live better lives in addition to fighting.

Dash For The Belt                                                                                

In his deal with Dash, the MMA fighter launched a campaign known as Dash for the Belt. In the deal, he was able to get himself over $350,000. During a fight in Bellator 192’s event, he was clothed in all Dash gear. He committed to wearing Dash brand gear during his fight events.

MacDonald has a belief that Dash and other cryptocurrencies have a potential to hugely sponsor the MMA. He stated in January that the scale of partnership that Dash was able to do in comparison to other companies was a big disruptor in the MMA. He said that the companies had a huge budget that would go on to benefit the MMA communities.

MacDonald’s support for Bitcoin cash has caused mixed reactions. Some speculators think he is trying to change sponsors in trying to join the Bitcoin cash once his deal with Dash comes to an end.

Others, on the contrary, feel he is just showing his love for Bitcoin cash. The fighter recently said that BCH is Bitcoin after pointing out that he bought the shirt using BCH from

Other Fighters Supporting Cryptocurrency

Conor McGregor is another fighter in the MMA who has confirmed that he would like to see UFC accepting cryptocurrency. John Fitch, also a UFC welterweight contender has been pushing to have cryptocurrency payments accepted by the league.

Since Bellator has no binding brand partnerships it is felt that it is better placed to implement cryptocurrency into their structure.

It is possible to see other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC) join both BCH and Dash in the Bellator Octagon.


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