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Cryptocurrencies went nuts over the weekend. Out of the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies only one BCH was red and down 19% for the week as of late Sunday Afternoon. Let’s take a look at the top 5 cryptos and check out where they are to start the week.

The big boy on the block $BTC Bitcoin is right under $8,00 at $7,989. I would not be surprised if BTC is not at $8,000 by the time you are reading this. Bitcoin has been leading the way and is still way ahead of the pack. Chart still shows $BTC could be heading to 10,000. There is a reason the others are called ALT coins.

The second on the block is Ethereum $ETH. It is up 13.23 % for the week. ETH had tough resistance at $320 and has been able to break and hold it as support. ETH is sitting right above $350 looking to go for that $400 re-test. If a pullback happens we want to see $320 hold as support.

Third is Bitcoin Cash BCH. It’s sitting at $1,174, down almost 19% on the week. A lot of questions still loom around BCH but it still comes in at number 3.

Number four right now is Ripple $XRP, which is trading at $0.23218 and up 15% on the week. Ripple jumped above Lightcoin in Market Cap as well.

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And number 5 is Litecoin $LTC, which is trading at 71.80. It was able to break above $70 and up 19.73% for the week. This $70 “break and hold” is its first since the run to $99. LTC needs to hold $70 or it’s going back to test $55.

This weekend Alt coins such as Ethereum and LiteCoin are starting to catch up to their big brother. Is this the start of the catch up we have all been waiting for? We will have to wait and see this week. With all this crypto madness, we want to keep some crypto and related tech stocks on watch this week.

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$GAHC $BLKCF $BTSC These Stock’s Use blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. They also like to move when BTC moves.

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