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Earlier in the month of January, the global cryptocurrency market was able to surpass the high amount of $700 billion for quite some time, reaching an all-time high for the market of crypto. Market capitalization for those who don’t know is the number of outstanding shares or coins multiplied by their price. This is a perfect indicator for the amount of currency that is invested in any single market.

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The spike in the market capitalization of the market can partly be driven to the high amount of alternative coins that opened up in the space. With around 1,400 coins in the space currently, it seems like there is still a large amount of room to grow. Many people have come into the space not because of the new technology, but for the purpose of investing in the new market with the hopes of gaining high returns.

A company known as CoinSpark has recently announced a business model that would allow for investors and traders to work at becoming a new type of decentralized digital asset exchange. The goal is to end up rewarding the cryptocurrency community in the form of dividends which would primarily go to SPARK coin holders. The goal of the company is also to allow customers to receive somewhere in the range of 25% of the company’s earnings. The company is also given a physical location which is something that other companies cannot say they have. The fate of this business is surrounded by whether or not South Korea puts regulation on these types of companies. As the market is able to grow substantially in the near to not too distant future, the hopes are high that these types of companies will also be able to grow.

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