atbcoin cryptocurrency


You have 3 days left if you plan on getting into the ATB ICO. Currently there are more than 6,000 people that have already invested in this ICO. The current investment stands at more than 16 million dollars.

These are the specs:

It’s coding architecture allows it to handle millions of transactions per second. Comparing it to VISA which has a tps limit of 4,000, while blockchain can handle only 8 tps. Two levels of encryption security, which are ECDSA and SHA-256. As a POS-based coin, ATB Coin is almost un-attackable. It has the implementation of SegWit.

Four times faster block creation than other coins that are not powered by SegWit. Lighting Network Protocol allows this coin fast transaction speed. They are even using smart contracts to secure safety. LNP is a payment system on top of the original blockchain and it is within the network. Low Transaction Fees because it uses the POS algorithm. POW currencies require tons of hashing power. This coin is expected to have a tenth of the transaction fees that most POW coins possess.

There mission is to integrate coin use into everyday life.

There are two ATB Coin wallets to choose from. ATB Coin wallets are lightweight, secure and are meant to be used on a daily basis. They also require less HDD space since they are based on a POS algorithm and do not require you to hold a full copy of the blockchain on your device.

Cloud Mining

You can mine ATB Coin passively by keeping your funds on the cloud.
This is all that is needed for your wallet to be considered an active blockchain node. POS makes it almost impossible for mining monopoly to be created.

At the moment investors continue joining the project, participating in ATB Coin Wallet testing and Bounty hunting. The company is preparing for the blockchain network launch and works on expanding its network of partners.


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