how to use ethereum

With the world of cryptocurrency increasing at an incredible rate, new cryptocurrencies are being developed for almost any purpose. There exists in the world, Titcoin for the adult entertainment industry, Potcoin for the cannabis industry, and more for essentially any industry you can think of. Some of these cryptocurrencies have the ability to affect the longterm market, but the majority are designed for singular purpose. A new cryptocurrency has been released with the premise of long-term utility.

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The coin is meant to work in the internet of things or IoT world. They have currently partnered with the IOTA Foundation and a number of big players in the tech industry, to launch a cryptocurrency specifically made for the IoT world. The system that will likely be used is unique due to the fact that it does not use blocks, but rather a “tangle” ledger system. This system has no limit to the amount of transactions it can confirm. The company has made it quite simple given the increasing amount of difficulty associated with the use of bitcoin and other big cryptocurrencies. These can be difficult to use due to the limit on network transactions that occurs. The tangle system will help companies to adopt the micropayment system that has come with the IoT boom. Mathematician Serguei Popov stated recently that “the tangle naturally succeeds the blockchain as its next evolutionary step, and offers features that are required to establish a machine-to-machine micropayment system.”

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The world of cryptocurrency is continuing to grow as more and more get interested in this incredibly groundbreaking technology. With the help of the internet of things world, the proliferation of the cryptocurrency industry will continue to occur. As more and more are able to adopt this system, cryptocurrency will likely become a competitor amongst world economic systems.


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