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New Cryptocurrency Coin Launches Without ICO

Developers at the company MimbleWimble have set their sights on creating a new cryptocurrency in the market.

The project, which is named after the popular book series, Harry Potter, is currently attempting to move into bitcoins world as they have been since 2016. The platform they have worked on is almost ready with certain options still in the works.

The project is currently bragging about its scalability, and privacy involving it’s blockchain, but the new coin has been seen by the public as slightly controversial.

Given that their are currently hundreds, bordering on thousands of altcoins or alternative coins, that have been developed over the years, what makes this one special? According to the developers at MimbleWimble, the project is not going to use any models that have been deemed problematic or harmful as far as investors go.

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One of the developers stated that the coin would have “no ICO, pre-mine or funny business.”

The coin’s launch will find its funding through voluntary donations, but the team has yet to state the full details regarding the launch.

The open-source team at the company has continued to grow in size and become more active in the population, showing that the company has made a significant amount of progress. Ultimately, the original goal still remains a challenge as it is a difficult task.

One of the researchers from the team stated that “it’s a very reasonable attitude and I’m glad that they’re pushing the research and design of MimbleWimble.”

The developer further added that in regard to grin (a type of blockchain), “although grin is starting from a different place than I would have preferred, it’s still moving in the right direction: toward improved privacy and scalability for bitcoin.

Only time will tell what happens to the company and the industry that is based on cryptocurrency as well.


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