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North Korea has without the world knowing, spent a good amount of time getting into cryptocurrency. The government has notably been accused of using ransomeware to collect cryptocurrency for their own gain of course. They have also been accused of hacking South Korean exchanges so they can collect a monetary ransom.

A new research article has shown that the small nation may be developing malware technology to secretly mine cryptocurrency without the user knowing.

The use of malware to mine cryptocurrency is a trend that has popped up in the past few months in a place accurately known as “the criminal underground.” These criminals or hackers install malware onto the users computer wherein they then can use the processing power of many individual computers to do the cryptocurrency mining and take all the profits.

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There have not been any fully recorded specific instances where North Korea has used malware mining, but many believe that the nation has the motive and power to begin doing so shortly. The report written stated that “North Korean threat actors have prior experience in assembling and managing botnets, bitcoin mining, and cryptocurrency theft, as well as in custom altering publicly available malware; three elements that would be key to effectively creating and managing a network of covert cryptocurrency miners.”

These attacks have become more and more popular as other forms of hacking are becoming too egregious and attracting too much legal attention. The report further stated “outrageous attacks on healthcare facilities and municipal transit systems culminated in the unprecedented campaigns. With the use of ransomware, hacker are able to use the CPU of unsuspecting users’ computers and effectively make a solid amount of money with little effort, and very small chance of being caught by the government or other regulatory bodies.


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