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Cryptocurrency investing is becoming one of the largest budding markets in the world today. With new investors joining the space every day, one of the most challenging aspects of the market is keeping the speed of transactions and the adoptability of the market both high. A new company known as Rublix is changing the game on cryptocurrency and has the potential to change the market as a whole.

Most traders that work currently use only desktop and mobile tools for their trading purposes. Both of these are good, but Rublix would like to integrate everything into a integrated, cross-platform suite, which would help all of those traders have access to various data analysis, as well as an easier time trading.

Rublix has stated that they would like individual investors to have the ability to “trade the way the pros do.” This would effectively close the divide between large traders and those who are on the independent side. Although the blockchain for their company is not finished, the upcoming initial coin offering or ICO will hopefully raise the capital that the company needs to get their product up and running. The team at Rublix has the hopes of making their blockchain proprietary so as to ensure that it is an individual player in the space.

One of the first methods that the company will employ will be known as the Hedge Platform. This essentially gives investors a heads up to certain events happening during the trading day and throughout the world in regard to certain investments. It would serve as a blueprint for traders so that they know everything that is going on within the space.

The market of cryptocurrency is one that seems complicated to many, but with research and the advent of new companies like Rublix, the hopes are that it will be more accessible to all.

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