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Something known as a “legal botnet” is allowing one Russian developer to mine cryptocurrency with the held of thousands of android based cellphones. Most people associate botnets with hacked computers that illegally mine cryptocurrency for hackers. This is something entirely different.

A legal botnet is something that was coined by the Russian developer Alexey Khripkov. He stated that he may have access to hundreds of thousands if not millions of android based devices thanks to games on Google’s platform. The plan he has to monetize those games does not involve advertising for the first time in online revenue generation.

The idea is that these cellphones would use their computing power in the background of the game to mine cryptocurrency for the owner of the game. This revenue production means that games would no longer need to include advertising, which can often interrupt gameplay. The plans by the developer may be slowing down given anti-virus software companies cracking down on this type of revenue generation.

This is mostly due to the fact that this type of mining is usually without the consent of the user, thus needing the involvement of an anti-virus software. Google chose to ban the game that the botnet was planning on running within because of controversy over this method.

The app would’ve been able to incentivize users by rewarding them in game with helping him mine cryptocurrency. This means that not only are users consenting, but they would also be rewarded for the use of their computing power. This type of revenue generation represents a new methodology in the industry of cryptocurrency. With a large amount of illegitimacy running around the market, something that provides a transparent front is an idea that many would get behind.


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