Pay Close Attention To Crypto: Here’s Why


CoinStocks Issued Bounce Alert: Block One Capital (BKPPF)(BLOK.V)

There has bee no other market in the last 9 months to offer the kind of volatility that produces big gains besides the blockchain and crypto market! In fact if you were able to go back and “play the chart”, you most likely took full advantage from identifying the “bottoms” or troughs that allowed investors to grab “bargain bin” prices before the next big move. This includes everything from coins to stocks themselves; in fact stocks reacted even more aggressively than certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

So Why Mention This Now?

Well, first off let’s explain that we feel the blockchain/crypto market (based on Bitcoin price) could once again be at a bottom:

bitcoin chart

Now, if you start charting the course of stocks that do business in this industry, you’ll see that there were several that reacted VERY favorably to the move. But where Bitcoin moved about 20% (which is a large move for something that’s over $8,000 per coin), these stocks managed to soar; some hitting over 100% in a short period of time. Issuing Bottom Bounce Alert: Block One Capital (BKPPF)(BLOK.V)

Once again Bitcoin has bottomed out and we feel that Block One Capital could be poised to rally and follow the time-tested trend that the blockchain/crypto market has. But it isn’t just the rising tide of the market that could indicate potential for a bounce. Block One Capital also has a lot going on and according to the CEO, the company is on the verge of some big things. More specifically he said that he would EXPECT that Finzat would announce new deals within the coming WEEKS (you can hear him say it on the recent conference call playback, HERE).

Could this be the perfect storm for an epic bounce with Block One Capital? Let’s look at some key technical indicators:

BKPPF price

1. Block One (BKPPF)(BLOK.V) is at 52-week lows.

2. RSI for BKPPF is sitting well into “Oversold” territory. If there was ever an indicator that we think sums it up best it’s one that spells out what it means and RSI clearly shows BKPPF/BLOK.V is in the “over sold range”.

3. Bid support for the stock is some of the largest we’ve seen to date and we saw it on Wednesday afternoon after BKPPF/BLOK.V hit its 52-week low.

Match all of this with the current trend in the crypto-blockchain market and this could be posing a strong argument that this is the space to be watching close right now. Block One not only follows the trend but with so much on the horizon, this potential bottom could be poised for a bounce in the near term.

Bottom Line

The fact that there could be some real, big things on the near-term horizon makes us think that Block One Capital (BKPPF) (BLOK.V) should be something to keep tabs on especially this quarter and especially at these levels during a time where the entire crypto/blockchain market could be positioning for a bounce.

Disclaimer: JSG Communications an affiliate of Midam Ventures which owns, expects to be compensated up to $500,000.00 by Block One Capital Inc. for a period beginning March 3, 2018 and ending September 5, 2018, to publicly disseminate information about (BKPPF) / (BLOK.V). We may buy or sell additional shares of (BKPPF) / (BLOK.V) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. We own zero shares.Please Read Our Full Disclaimer Here


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