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A recent change in the market of Ethereum known as a hard fork has been met with some protest.

This fork has been the largest upgrade to the second largest public blockchain network by market capitalization and total value. The successful upgrade to the system helped to boost the price to a substantial amount and appeared to go incredibly well. The only issue however is that some groups are disagreeing with the changes that are being made.

The new blockchains that will be made from the upgrade would effectively help to have more monetary opportunity in the market.

Investing in Cryptocurrency is Becoming Increasingly Legitimate

At the time the announcement came out about the upgrade, the cost of the coin shot up by a solid amount with positive reinforcement from the market.

Similar to the altcoin Ethereum Classic, new projects are being made to focus on the security of using cryptocurrency.

The fork not only makes sense to the protestors, but it has also helped them to make money. The issues that they have with the upgrade are merely minuscule compared to the market as a whole.

Prior to the release of the upgrade, several users attempted to break apart from the EIP 649 platform and make a new blockchain that would reduce rewards to miners. This process did not fully work and was never fully put in place.

The hopes with the upgrade are that miners will be able to collect monetary compensation only after 300,000 blocks are made public by the blockchain. The new blockchain, known as Etherite has similar goals to that of Ethereum, with the only difference being how they reward the miners.

The world of cryptocurrency is growing at a staggering rate and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With upgrades and market enhancements coming up daily, the market on digital currency will hopefully only continue to rise in popularity.


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