The passage of time is witnessing cryptocurrencies gain much it terms of popularity. However, it is expected that this boom might be pulling along with its own consequences. The negative allegations that have always been linked to cryptocurrency will most probably increase. And experts agree that it is a rather unfortunate side effect.

Introduction of the training program

An announcement has been made today regarding the introduction of a training program for London Police. We have already gotten to a point where Cryptocurrency has become a sensitive topic and it is hoped the new move will help. The positive potential associated with Cryptocurrencies is quite significant. But the crime-oriented concerns are escalating as we progress and there is need to do something about it.

The elimination of money laundering activities is a great move. It will help the cryptocurrency industry gain more legitimacy. Crime-orientated concerns in line with cryptocurrency have been on the rise recently, posing very serious challenges in the sector. It is expected that by offering the most appropriate training to police sanity will be brought into this sector.

The turn of events

So far, police officials have succeeded at apprehending quite a large number in line with such offenses using Bitcoin. A top official in the police department while addressing journalists has spoken in relation to the matter.

He has sent out a warning to criminals informing that that their days are numbered. For those that have been taking advantage of the dark web to carry out their illegal activities, legal scrutiny might be undertaken anytime from now.

Anyone that has been following closely on the various operations of cryptocurrencies will attest to the fact that Bitcoin isn’t a tool for criminal activity at all.

The city of London Police has been following on concerns raised. They are convinced, now more than ever that the growth of cryptocurrencies might be utilized the wrong way by criminals. Reports indicate that they have been seeing it as an opportunity to further their money laundering activities. With the new training, it is expected this matter will adequately be dealt with.


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