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The cryptocurrency market has been quite crazy over the past week or two. With the most recent crash in the market causing many individuals to have some sort of fear for their money, what else is in store for the crypto world? A new report has come out detailing how technology associated with Ripple, could potentially be a breakthrough for those coins. With bitcoin leading the fight for quite some time, it seems only fair that some of the smaller guys would be able to have a chance to show off their new technology.

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Ripple has been working towards becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, but that has been shadowed by bitcoin, which continues to be at the top of the chain. Ripple briefly saw its value hit over $150 billion earlier in the month, but the coin saw its price quickly drop in response as a price correction. One of the main reason that Ripple has been so popular is the underlying blockchain technology that the coin employs. Ripple has been working to gain the trust of some of the larger financial institutions around the world, helping with the transfer of money around the world.

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This broader financial goal has helped to bring the currency to the top of the crypto chain in recent times. By working with some of the largest money transfer institutions around the world, the coin has the potential to change the way that money is exchanged between nations. The blockchain that Ripple employs solves many of the issues that bitcoin cannot compete with. These issues continue to be the high price for transactions and the long time that it takes for these transactions to be put through. As the coin is able to gain more and more popularity, the hopes are high that it will reach its full potential in the near future and beyond.


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