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Bitcoin has become an incredibly popular topic for many individuals throughout the past year or so, following the high amount of volatility with the coin. Many investors who got in only for the speculative gains have since been disappointed with the performance of some of the top currencies in the cryptocurrency world. One of the main issues that many have cited could come into play in the near future is the high amount of volatility and subsequent inflation with the currency.

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Given that there is only a limited number of coins in the bitcoin world, a new report has shown that somewhere between 2 and 3 million bitcoins have been lost. The initial release of the coin has only made it so that there are 21 million coins that will ever be in existence. With the news that so many bitcoins have been lost, it shows that around 22% of the existing bitcoin supply is essentially worthless. This inflation amount becomes an issue when looking at the entirety of the cryptocurrency world. Given the simple rules of supply and demand, as more and more bitcoins come into existence, it will essentially inflate the price, thus making each individual coin more and more worthless.

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Many people do not even consider the amount that inflation plays on the coins value, but the future of the coin could be troubling for the price. Given that the market is so new, most individuals do not know how to accurately predict what will occur throughout the market. As the market on cryptocurrency is able to step slightly out of the infancy stage, the hopes are high that these coins will begin to stabilize in price, thus reaching the full potential they have to become a part of the larger world economy.


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