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Russia has stated an interest in leading the market on cryptocurrency in recent news with the possibility of a national cryptocurrency.

The work that really needs to be done to ensure that they remain at the top of the world blockchain economy is employing smaller groups of software engineers to build the infrastructure that they need.

The founder of The Token Fund, Vladimir Smerkis, is one of a few people that is rising up in the Russian cryptocurrency scene, alongside the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. The fund that Smerkis opened up in the beginning of 2017 runs off a software that helps to manage the investments of individuals, companies and investment funds across Europe.

Smerkis has recently announced his plans to open up offices across the world in Dubai, UAE, all over the Middle East, Northern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The model of his fund has had so much success in recent times that investors and hedge-funds are attempting to get in on his system to try and make a profit.

Instead of Vladimir licensing out the software they use to different investment firms across the world, he has decided to build a platform for those users across nations.

The new platform, is set to have a round of funding next month in November.

The market on cryptocurrency is growing at a very quick speed and seeing traction from the public as well as some of the largest institutions in the world. With organizations across nations attempting to get in on the technology, it does not seem like the market on cryptocurrency will be slowing down anytime soon. Hopefully the industry can continue to grow at a solid pace and continue to provide large returns for investors who do the right research on the market.


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