cryptocurrency bubble

While Some Fear Downturn, Others Say Cryptocurrency Is Beginning To Mature

With the cryptocurrency market cap soaring over the one hundred and fifty billion dollar mark, this eight hundred percent increase during the first half of the year has seen people express dismissive sentiment.  Some say this was just a bubble, others say cryptocurrency is false currency, but then you have many more people implying a totally different rapport with digital currency.

Governments and financial institutions are now taking notice and a more active roe in the progress of the industry.  Token sales and cryptocurrency trading are starting to hit the mainstream and many organizations are seeing the benefits of blockchain technology.  Some speculate that seeing these developments are signs of a bubble. Other progress shows a different approach.

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Stricter regulation might put the breaks on the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies but in the end it could ultimately help the growth that many are expecting.  It could also help tame the vast distain for the supposed illegal activities that many have previously thought.

With China potentially issuing a ban across al cryptocurrency activities including trading and initial coin offerings, other groups are taking a more proactive approach.  Large investors are getting more involved in the cryptocurrency market right now and this has the market imitations less likely to go and follow China’s lead.

With this has come groups like the Securities and Exchange Commission looking into things like ICO’s.  Thought they do not want to halt the practice, they do want to protect investors from bad actors simply taking advantage of the hype to personally benefit from shady practices.

Thought the jury is still out, the bigger picture suggests that these may just be growing pains for cryptocurrency.  The bubble idea might be a shortfall for those who may have otherwise trusted the trend. In the end, time will tell as to what the future holds.



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