The self-proclaimed ICO scams eradicating BlockBroker ICO has turned out to be a scam itself. According to report, the ICO has wiped out all the communication channels and has gone into hiding similar to what the other ICO scammers do usually. Website of the ICO, shows the message that the site is down for maintenance.

Prior to the vanishing act, the ICO was being promoted on Twitter but later on, the users found out that something was going wrong.  Incidentally, the ICO previously claimed that it is building the platform to stop investors from investing into exit scams. And now it seems that BlockBroker has itself done the exit scam act. The professional-appearing website now shows a simple message, “The Block Broker Platform is undergoing maintenence [sic]. Please check back soon. Thanks”.

When Did It All Start?

According to reports, users started getting suspicious about BlockBroker’s fraudulence after a telegram user found out that the team of ICO might be engaged in some dubious activity with useless ERC-20 tokens. This news attracted everyone’s attention. However, the user was blocked immediately and even the project mentioned in the tweet was closed afterward. The activities of BlockBroker indicated that the team of ICO had already sent their tokens to the decentralized exchange EtherDelta even before the end of the token sale.

BlockBroker’s CEO Use Stolen Photograph On Company Profile

Many believed that since the ICO was supposed to run until July 20, its team decided to send their tokens quickly. It started looking fishy from the mid of the last month when paperplane-pilot, a Reddit user found out that the photograph of supposed CEO of BlockBroker, John Jacobs resembled that of Alex Amadeo, a Ukrainian photographer. Incidentally, it seems that Amadeo is not even aware that his photograph was being used to represent the CEO of an ICO.

Even the LinkedIn profile of Jacobs shows zero real jobs say a Reddit user Rhudejo. So, overall all the members of the BlockBroker team are unknown figures who do not have any identity in the blockchain space and their profile describes them in only one or two lines.  However, the good news is that ICO creed has declared the free tokens listed as BBK safe enough.


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