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Cryptocurrencies have seemingly taken over the space of digital currency in the past year or so. Looking at any financial news source, it is clear that there is a large potential in the market to combat our current financial system. With this relatively new market comes several companies that are trying to revolutionize it internally.

The technology behind cryptocurrency known as blockchain, is a revolutionary system that could change the way we pay forever. With this technology, comes an open-source platform that allows companies and developers to engage in changing the market and making new products. Here are a few companies that are attempting to change the market of cryptocurrency across the world.

The company Javvy is a new start-up that is working on a way to exchange cryptocurrency safely and securely via a wallet online. The company would like to eliminate the need to have multiple web accounts, and make the process essentially, all-in-one. Ease of use and security are the utmost priorities of the company, and as it goes into the future, would like to expand across the cryptocurrency market.

Divi Project is a platform based on the consumer experience that would like to simplify the digital wallet and make sending money online easier and safer. The platform is one of the movers in the market attempting to make ease of use and the ability to trade across borders safer.

Another company that is revolutionizing the market is known as Stream Token. Stream Token recently announced a new blockchain-based token that would give creators of content the ability to monetize their work which has been a large issue in the creator community for quite some time.

All of these companies are working to change the way we use cryptocurrency as time goes on and it only looks as though the market is growing.


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