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The Bitcoins sectors has had quite a number of criticizers, however its growing period it has relied on quite a number of endorsements some of which have emerged from the strongest players of the industry.

Besides the early investors, Bitcoins have received quite an unusual endorsement that have been linked to public intellectuals from different quarters of the divide.

Whilst the support has been quite uncertain, it shows the greater length to which bitcoins have been adopted bypassing the original accusations which had likened the Bitcoins to a league of networks that had been built for scamming purposes.

Jordan Peterson one of the highly acknowledged professors came across Bitcoins when he was handed a paper wallet that had little amount of funds during a conference. The donations spurred to a consolidated amount of about 0.25 Bitcoins later sold at nearly $5,000.

Jordan has therefore become one of the preachers appealing people towards Bitcoins because he believes that this is related to freedom, personal improvements hence making this gain fame in Australia where Bitcoins are now a trend.

A student Nassim Taleb has also given overwhelming support for Bitcoins because he believes that bitcoins are strong candidates for broadways effect. He states that bitcoins have been in survival for close to nine years with apossibility of a future possibility.

Taleb alludes that the reason why the Bitcoins are an excellent idea that seeks to keep growing with an unforeseeable movements in the prices which makes the Bitcoins an excellent idea.

He further states in his blog that Bitcoins provide a fulfilment to the needs of the complex systems because it has no owner, no authority that have an influence on its fate henceit is owned by users.

Bitcoins in one way looks to be more illusionary, however upon discovery that this are physical objects that can in as well support the bitcoins.

Elon Musk who has been a wave in the Bitcoins industry also has been reported to have about 0.25BTC for which he has stored somewhere in his wallet.

Musk has been not for a long time been inspiring and boosting publicly the cryptocurrency community. This therefore makes bitcoins be seen as a great posture for great innovators and minds rather than being seen as real gamblers.


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