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How Bitcoin is Spreading Through Syria

Amir Taaki has worked writing bitcoin code in London for several years before he joined ISIS in Syria. Taaki, since joining the terrorist group has been promoting the idea that cryptocurrency needs to be fully decentralized.

Taaki has recently laid out a plan that would convert all of northern Syria to an economy that is solely based on bitcoin.

The plan is expected to take around 20 years, but the first step of recruiting coders has already been put in place.

Taaki stated that “bitcoin is now in that crucial balance where it can either find itself, like the other technology movements that have come before it, confined to IRRELEVANCE, or people can start to gather together to try to really, truly think about, on a social level, what bitcoin is really about.”

The idea for the bitcoin based economy comes from the idea of a direct democracy that does not base itself on a hard government. Another reason is the fact that the Syrian lira has seen massive amounts of inflation, thus bitcoin would make them not reliant on a local economy which would further bypass the sanctions put on them.

After studying in England during house arrest, Taaki made the plan which was supposed to be used in Greece as an initiative to bring hackers together and social engineering to the forefront.

The premise of having a large scale payment network as they call it, is to not be reliant on any one central entity. With the use of Wi-Fi enabled ESP 12 modules and counterfeit-proof paper wallets, the dream that Taaki has could be implemented in the near future.

Taaki further stated that “what’s happened in recent years is technology has lost that big vision that it had before, and it has just sunk into now a lot of people escaping into a kind of dreamworld.”



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