cryptocurrency thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not only a time to share a meal, but a time to spread ideas about life and cryptocurrency. For starters, cryptocurrency has been in a solid place in the world for quite some time now. If you invested $738 back at the beginning of this year, you would now have as much as $8,220. The same amount of investment return can be seen with other forms of cryptocurrency known as alternative coins or alt coins.

The price has in fact risen, but not with complications. There are several reasons as to why the coin falls and rises so much. One of the biggest issues with cryptocurrency is the fact that it is based highly on speculation. For those who are looking to get in now, it does seem to be much calmer than in previous months. Looking back at September, when China banned initial coin offerings and shut down many of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, the market dropped down by a large amount.

The Best Way To Invest In Bitcoin?

It seems as though minus the flash crashes, the market is at a stable place currently, where it is only poised to rise. This is all hopeful, and investors should know that such a speculative market is something that could change at any time. One of the other issues with the currency is the fact that it is not made to handle the high amount of transactions that are currently being made on the networks.

The limits on speed and transaction amount is something that has caused a large amount of controversy over the past few months. With all the opportunity and complication associated with cryptocurrency, it will be interesting to see where the market goes over the course of the end of the year and the beginning of next year.


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