As a matter of fact, the crypto-space and digital currency markets are controlled by the giant money players who are most commonly known as the whales. They are responsible for gushing and dumping huge cryptocurrencies.

The Tokyo attorney, Nobuaki Kobayashi unexpectedly he is also the bankruptcy trustee for the Mt. Gox who no longer is operational. This exchange based in Tokyo filed for bankruptcy protection after losing more than 850,000 Bitcoins.

Kobayashi has recently become a force to fight with in the Cryptocurrency world have undertaken to take charge of the Mt.Gox financial charts.

Kobayashi has given out information that roughly he has sold off $400 million worth of Bitcoins in which he made claims of having set rolling the program in September 2017 the period in which the Cryptocutrency market also began sprouting.

Kobayashi is also reported to be still in possession of almost $1.9 worth of Bitcoins (approximately 179,245.37 Bitcoins) which he might be considering to sell off in an effort to raise cash to pay Mt.Gox creditors

The Tokyo’s attorney general has also defended his strategy used in selling the high valued cryptocurrency as a way to get the highest prize possible so as to fetch high values able to sufficiently meet the current liabilities.

Disclosures from the Kobayashi’s reports, the trustee has an average nearly$105,000 per the Bitcoins in their Initial sell off period that is according to the Mt.Gox’s website.

However, from the most recent investigations by the BBC radio, a UK company has been linked up to the concealing off 650,000 stolen bitcoins from the scandalous Mt.Gox

Always efficient a legally registered company is in the East London in which the company has been linked to several cases of money laundering

The investigators claimed that more than half of the Mt.Gox’s stolen cash came to a halt at the rival exchange BTC-e which was claimed to have been operated by a British organization

It has been alluded that people who engage in money laundering eventually set a network of companies to build a cast between their crimes and their attempts to inject the proceeds from their crimes into the Economy.


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