blockchain technology

In the past 10 years, the industry based around cryptocurrency has almost exploded. Today, it is almost an instantaneous process to buy and sell cryptocurrency, which would’ve been a very tedious job even five years ago. As times are changing, so is the industry on cryptocurrency.

While there is a lot of controversy surrounding the industry, it does seem like the future will have a large place for digital currency. Digital currency is quickly taking over the market, and there are some trends to take note of.

First off, cryptocurrency is essentially any form of digital currency that uses blockchain technology. This technology helps to ensure that the network is completely decentralized. In simple terms, cryptocurrency has the premise of anonymity at the peak of its goals, while also having transparency at equal importance. Instead of using cash, or another form of fiat currency, cryptocurrency does not have a middle man to consult with. This means that cryptocurrency can be exchanged between borders with ease. Because of all these benefits, cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular, while some governing bodies are attempting to control it.

Because of the premise of anonymity, cryptocurrency has become a center for crime and black markets. Since the payments cannot be traced to any one source, any black markets use it as a form of payment. There are several trends in the market that are contributing to its growth.

There are many new coins in the space that are building a cache of cryptocurrency. With the use of initial coin offerings, new coins are created everyday. Some of these become fraudulent, but others are completely legitimate.

With the market on cryptocurrency growing everyday, it is no wonder that it has become so popular. As technology grows along with the investor base, the hopes are that cryptocurrency can reach its full potential as time goes on.


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