blockchain technology

A vibrant group of politicians is intending to transform the political sector in the US by incorporating the Blockchain technology into the traditional two-party system that has been in existence for decades. The group known as the Indie Party Movement commenced last week during the latest South by Southwest Interactive Festival event stated that the technology will allow people to directly control their ideas to enable a transparency and fully engaging campaign system.

Jonathan Jenkins, the Founder of the Indie Party group stated that their main goal is basically to create a system that can elect candidates that are potentially positioned to build powerful political links powered by the Indie Token. The coin will directly engage voters, donors, enthusiasts, and candidates who aspire to take up various political positions.

According to the members of the group, the Indie Token will significantly offer support needed for the democratic process by empowering both real and fast applicable solutions that guarantees the best results. The participants will be rewarded for engaging in the political process instigated by the party movement. The token is used by either donating to the campaigns or voluntary work to support the party.

Several other political affiliates are tapping into the use of the digital currencies for their campaigns. For instance, Michael Allman has requested his supporters to donate Bitcoin towards his major political campaigns. Brian Forde also works closely with crypto investors.

Adam Kokesh, a candidate aspiring to become the 59th US presidential candidate in the upcoming US presidential election in 2020. Kokesh has designed to dissolve the federal government. Most of his donations are fueled by the cryptos.

Kokesh accepts payments in various cryptocurrencies including the Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Bitcoin Core, Cash, Litcoin, Monero, and Dash. He recently launched a book that will be distributed by a selection of crypto organizations that are also supporters of Kokesh’s political parties including the, Steemit and much more.


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