UTRUST and Pundi X, two of the world’s digital payment platforms, announced today that they are collaborating in order to establish an offline cryptocurrency payment platform for mainstream adoption.

The current state of affairs

A person well conversant with the latest developments has disclosed that the blockchain-based point-of-sale (“POS”) solution provider of Pundi X is currently in its pilot production phase. According to him, it will in a short while start making shipments to several markets including Japan,Switzerland and Singapore where it will commit itself to assisting merchants  conduct offline cryptocurrency transactions.

Isodiol is currently formulating a growth strategy that will pay a huge deal of focus to crucial matters including the expansion of the company’s consumer products portfolio, the manufacture of over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs and lastly the efforts targeted at expanding its wings into Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Plans underway

The terms of the deal, which according to sources was signed in Singapore, are that UTRUST will be committing itself to the acquisition of about 1,000 units of Pundi’s XPOS technology. Pundi X has promised to use the services provided by UTRUST to conduct the various transactions on its wide range of devices. In addition, it has asserted that most of its account settlements will be conducted through the employment of the technology coming from UTRUST

Aside from UTRUST being a top cryptocurrency payments gateway, it is also the first cryptocurrency payments platform globally to implement consumer-focused cryptocurrency solutions, including both the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

The Chief executive of Pundi X Zac Cheah while addressing several journalists said that he was quite pleased about the fact that they were on course towards promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a mass scale.

Cheah has stated that the aspect of security matters a lot to them and they would continue paying a great focus to it. Business dynamics are shifting pretty fast as we progress and Pundi X won’t be left behind in seeking what will place it on the higher ground according to the official.

The CEO of UTRUST Nuno Correia is quite pleased by the partnership of two top blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment projects and remains rather optimistic that the associated benefits will with the passage of time flow to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Over quite a long period of time UTRUST has been showing its great commitment to supporting the employment of the fast, easy, and secure cryptocurrency payments.


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