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The world of cryptocurrency and mining has shot up in popularity in the past year or so, giving rise to a series of new industries. One of those industries is now swapping our advertising on their websites for using your computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

For those who don’t know, mining is the way that cryptocurrency is found. Computers with high amounts of processing power solve computational equations and are rewarded as the end with a monetary compensation in the form of a cryptocurrency coin. The more computing power that one has, the more money they will be able to make from mining.

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The newest way that hackers have begun to make money is by crowdsourcing computing power by adding a Javascript-based mining software onto various compromised sites. From there, these hackers can use the computing power of many computers as opposed to one with a high amount of processing power. This is done the majority of the time without the consent of the user and is a ditty tactic to make money.

Mining is not something that is malicious on its own but it can be when hackers get involved. The company Coinhive has made a genuine method for companies to make money without the sketchy aspect. Instead of including advertisements on the companies sites, the user would be asked whether or not they agree to having their computer mine coins for as long as they are on the site. This is something that is completely legitimate and has a large amount of potential for success. When hackers get involved and make decisions that ruin the connotation of the market, it can often be detrimental to those companies that are running legitimate businesses. Hopefully the hacking will slow down over time, and companies will be able to use this as a legitimate source of income.

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