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The value of the world’s top cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been falling significantly over the past few days with a high amount of volatility and low amount of stability. The cryptocurrency has been attracting a large amount of attention in recent news for its price swings, but usually in the positive light. The currency hit as low as under $16,000 according to the industry site, Coinbase.

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Although this price drop still puts bitcoins monthly gain at over 90%, and 1,775 % for the year, these new lows are scaring potential investors. Since dropping over $2,000 in one hour, the coin has been extremely volatile. Bitcoin is historically an extremely volatile currency, and this value is expected by many to continue shifting in large amounts. These fluctuations continue to cause large issues amongst those who want to actively use the currency because it means that they cannot accurately price investments. With the price moving up and down so quickly, investors are unsure what to do. This high amount of price action has brought in many investors looking to see how they can get into the market.

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With prices at a current low, many are choosing to buy given that the price has an equal chance of going the opposite way. Other alternative to the currency known as alternative coins have seen massive gains over the course of the past few weeks. With this incredible price action, many are stating that the bubble market for cryptocurrency could burst at any minute. With some economists stating the price could increase by ten fold, others are stating that investors should be careful when investing because of the fact that the price could change at any minute. Regardless, bitcoin remains an interesting investment to watch for the next year.


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