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Several venture capitalists and market movers in the cryptocurrency world recently got together to share their opinion on what the future of the tech will look like. The cryptocurrency world has managed to gain a large following in the past weeks and months to the point where it has become quite mainstream. Many of these big investors see the market only growing throughout this year. Given the talked about possibility of a partnership between Amazon and cryptocurrency, many venture capitalists think that the Amazon stock will become quite bullish this year, with many new IoT devices and so on.

Bitcoin Price & Blockchain Technology Have Investors Hungry For Opportunity

The managing director at Madrona Venture Group, Len Jordan stated recently that “we are seeing incredibly talented Northwest entrepreneurs launch companies focused on multisense (voice, AR/VR applications), IoT/robotics, intelligent applications and next-generation consumer products/marketplaces. We will continue investing in early-stage companies at an aggressive pace and are also happy to see accelerating activity from strong and diverse investing firms partnering with us as we scale existing portfolio companies.” According to the investor, “New IoT devices. IoT is no longer a single category — it’s like gravity, it’s everywhere. 2018 will be a year when new consumer (vehicle, home, wearables, entertainment) devices take off and industrial use cases thrive where automation, measurement, control and management create new economic benefit.

Vertical use cases in agtech, drones, transportation, healthcare and even ‘older’ industries like energy and manufacturing may surprise people and lead some of the early broad deployments. New platform opportunities for management, telemetry, security, privacy, provisioning, communication and analytics will start to get traction creating opportunities for both the large incumbent computing platforms and new agile entrants.” The hopes are high that the market continues the stability that it has maintained throughout 2017.


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