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How Can One Company Set The Tone For Cryptocurrency Mining In 2018 ?

Blockchain protocols now offer a secure way to handle transactions in comparison to previously archaic and even costly methods. Those who understand the potential of this technology are creating new business platforms and winning first mover advantage. And one company could be setting the tone for the new year for Cryptocurrency Mining!

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Can You Avoid Taxation With Investing in Cryptocurrency?

With the IRS stating that bitcoin and other digital currencies are taxed as though they are property, the taxation of these online assets is confusing at best.

The IRS has begun to hunt down users of Bitcoin using software that may be able to identify individual investors. This is now however something to worry about unless there are extreme cases of tax debt or penalties and interest. With the advent of the bill, “The Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act of 2017,” there would be a tax exemption for all transactions totaling less than $600.

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How Blockchain is Finding Its Place in World Government

One of the leaders of IBM’s blockchain program, Eileen Lowry, has been in the industry for quite some time. For those who are unsure of what blockchain is, blockchain is essentially a tamper-proof and transparent record of transactions that allows users to share information across borders without the fear that it will be compromised. Blockchain is the technology that powers the large cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and has also been recently applied to large companies such as Wal-Mart.

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