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cryptocurrency bubble

Newest Upgrade to Ethereum has Revamped Interest in Blockchain Technology

Wall Street has had a less-than-stellar relationship with Blockchain technology. With large banks and officials denouncing the relatively new technology, it does not seem...
bitcoin world

How Blockchain is Finding Its Place in World Government

One of the leaders of IBM’s blockchain program, Eileen Lowry, has been in the industry for quite some time. For those who are unsure...
blockchain insurance

Lending Around the World Could Use Blockchain Technology to Its Advantage

Around the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attain a loan, but one technology might be able to change that. Given that the...

What is All the Hype Behind Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

All over the news as of recent is use of the terms blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and more, but at the end of the day,...
blockchain technology birth certificate

Blockchain Ready To Welcome Credit Card Companies?

Mastercard May be Next Player to Enter Blockchain Space The large credit card company MasterCard, may be the next of the large companies to enter...

Is Blockchain A Type Of Cybersecurity?

The Commonalities Between Cybersecurity and Blockchain The emerging use of blockchain technology has helped to redefine cybersecurity. Blockchain technology start-ups have helped to provide a...
blockchain technology investing

More Investors Are Watching Blockchain

Don't Overlook Blockchain Since the creation and subsequent use of blockchain, its popularity has exploded. Although the majority of its use has been built off...
qtum ethereum killer

A Blockchain Technology Called The Ethereum Killer

Qtum Blockchain Technology And Neo Contribute To Growth Of Blockchain Integration There’s no doubt right now that blockchain technology has immense potential to change business...
best bitcoin stocks

Diamonds And Blockchain Technology

Why is the Diamond Industry Excited About Blockchain Technology? Diamonds have become a big issue in the modern day with their representations sometimes being skewed...
blockchain technology automotive

Blockchain Technology Being Developed By IBM For Automotive Industry

IBM, Automakers, & Banks Working To Build Blockchain Wallet Blockchain technology is now being developed for a mobile payment system for the auto industry. That’s...

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What’s the Big Deal With Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

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cryptocurrency price comeback

Cryptocurrency Comes Back After Sunday Price Drop

The markets on cryptocurrency have begun to bounce back after their Sunday price pullback. The pullback is said to be fueled by the recent...
bitcoin stocks to buy

How Some Investors are Using Bitcoin to Invest in Real Estate

Bitcoin may already be involved in several areas across the service industry, but as of shortly, it will be involved in the real estate...